US Foreign Minister Candidate Blinken Tells China Great Danger, Know Beijing’s Response

Beijing reacted strongly to Wednesday’s decision to take a strong stand against China by newly elected US President Joe Biden, who has been appointed foreign minister, saying he will try to avoid conflict and confrontation with Washington. Indeed, Blinken described China as a major threat to America. China has breathed a sigh of relief amid the Trump administration’s stalemate and is hopeful that the most tense period in the Beijing-Washington relationship will now end for some time. Chinese officials have called the last four-year term of incumbent President Donald Trump in US power the most difficult and Trump has been the most unpredictable US leader of all time. Trump, during his tenure, took an aggressive stance on all aspects of America’s relations with China, including trade wars, challenging China’s military hold over the contested South Chich Sea, the China’s continuing threats to Taiwan and Corona virus as “China” The virus includes the naming and issues of Xinjiang and Tibet. Blinken will replace US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, known for his tough stance on China. Blinken described China as a major threat to US national security, saying the US needs to show a strong stance against this challenge, not to deal with weakness. Reacting to remarks made by Blenken to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, the upper house of the United States Parliament, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a press conference on Wednesday that China was determined to avoid conflict and confrontation. Will try to continue mutual cooperation. “At the same time, China will protect its sovereignty, security and development interests,” Hua said, dismissing Pompeo’s accusations of massacring China’s Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, saying “we look forward to cooperation. mutually beneficial, but we will also firmly defend our interests and security. ”He said,“ We ​​hope that they (the United States) can bring bilateral relations on the right track and advance our relations. ”Will work with the United States. China for China’s official newspaper Global Times cites a survey last month that the Chinese people have positive expectations of the Biden administration.

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