US harpoon missiles taiwan: unafraid of dragon threat, America will give deadly harpoon missiles to China – US State Department approves sale of harpoon missiles to Taiwan in the face of threat from China

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The US Trump administration has approved the $ 2.37 billion Taiwan harpoon missile deal after China announced a ban on US arms companies. Washington made
Regardless of the threat from China, the U.S. Trump administration has approved a $ 2.37 billion deadly Harpoon missile deal in Taiwan. The Trump administration made the decision shortly after announcing China’s sanctions against U.S. arms manufacturers. Among the American companies that China has banned, Boeing is the one that manufactures the missile.

The US State Department issued a statement saying that the United States is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and believes that the security of Taiwan is of paramount importance to the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region. The US State Department said the sale would not upset the military balance in the region. American harpoon missiles are considered extremely lethal and are capable of destroying land targets and warships.

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400 Harpoon Block-2 missiles included in the deal
The United States will supply 100 harpoon systems to Taiwan. The deal includes 400 Harpoon Block-2 missiles. This missile has a range of about 125 km. The missile is equipped with a GPS that allows it to attack with precision and to rain 500 pounds of bombs. Thus, coastal defense bases, surface-to-air missile bases, port ships and industrial targets can be destroyed in a single hit. Earlier on Monday, China banned three major US arms manufacturers, who were angry at selling arms to Taiwan.

China’s Foreign Ministry announced the ban, saying Boeing Defense of America, Lockheed Mortin and Raytheon would no longer do business in China. The weapons sold by these three companies are sold by the United States to Taiwan. According to the Chinese government newspaper Global Times, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the ban was imposed on October 21 on the sale of weapons worth $ 1.8 billion. in Taiwan. It consists of sensors, missiles and artillery. He said China has every right to punish companies selling arms to Taiwan.

US to donate 66 F-16 planes to Taiwan
China was already threatening to take steps to sell arms to the United States. However, he never said what kind of action he would take. Nevertheless, military experts believed that China could not even think of war with America, forgetting about it. In such a situation, it will go towards economic restriction. China had said the arms deal could worsen its relationship with the United States and its armed forces. In this deal with the United States, Taiwan will receive advanced sensors for F-16 fighter jets, low-level supersonic missiles and rocket hammers to destroy enemy warships at sea. United States had signed an agreement to deliver 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan.

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