US Houston Police Shot One-Year-Old Boy With Remains In Intensive Care: Police In The United States Shot A One-Year-Old In The Head, Now Needing Dua

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Innocent one-year-old grapples with life and death in Houston, US
Innocent one-year-old child faces life and death in the city of Houston, United States. The child was shot in the head by Houston police. It is said that the mother of this child, Daisha Smalls, was filling the car with gasoline at the pumping station on March 3. During this time, he saw the police car and heard the sound of sirens. Her child was sitting in the back seat of the legendary car. Then a person suddenly got into their car and asked them to give the car to them. Meanwhile, the police opened fire in which Legend was also shot.

Legend is admitted to the ICU and struggles with life and death. The little ones are now in a bad state. They said my child was in the car, so I did not give the car to this person. I couldn’t get out of the car without my child. During this time, the police shooting started and my child was shot in the head. On the other hand, Houston Police said when the shootings started the little ones were not in the car at the time.

‘My son fights for his life every day’
Police said the thief had a gun in his hand and police told him to throw the gun while he was sitting in the car. Police opened fire on the car when he refused to throw the gun. The child was seated in the same car and he was also shot dead. Police said that out of fear for the mother’s safety, a police officer also gave her his gun.

After the incident, the child received first aid from the Houston police. The child’s condition is currently very poor and has been kept in an intensive care unit. An operation was performed to remove her pills. He is now grappling with life and death. Smals said my son is now fighting for his life every day. He also has trouble breathing. The investigation into this whole incident is ongoing.

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