US Immigration Policies: Joe Biden Reverses Trump’s Tough Immigration Policy; children of illegal migrants will no longer be separated – Joe Biden signs executive orders to overturn Donald Trump’s tougher immigration policies in the United States

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US President Joe Biden Reverses Trump Administration’s Tight Immigration Policies Children Of People Who Enter US Illegally Will Not Be Separated, Biden Says – I’m Not Making New Laws, I’m Ending to bad politics in Washington.
US President Joe Biden has said he has signed three executive orders that would overturn those stricter immigration policies of the previous Trump administration. As a result of this law passed during Trump’s time, the children of foreign nationals who entered illegally were separated from their families. He said these ordinances will ensure a fair, orderly and humane legal immigration system. A review of current policies is part of the Biden administration’s stated 60- to 180-day program of work, which will benefit thousands of Indian professionals seeking their futures in America.

Ending Bad Policy: Biden
In connection with those orders, Biden told the White House on Tuesday that I am not making new laws, but ending bad policy. He was accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris and Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Meierkus. Biden told reporters that the United States would have a stronger, safer and more prosperous country if it had a fair, systematic and humane legal immigration system and would lead to better border management.

Biden has opposed this law before
He said the decrees focused on strengthening the immigration system and supporting the measures he took on the first day of his tenure to protect the aspirations of the people and lift the ban on Muslims. Biden said in one of the three executive orders that the federal government should formulate good policies that promote integration, inclusion and citizenship and include any participation in the country’s democracy.

The children were separated from their parents
Biden said today we are going to reverse the steps of the old administration, which embarrassed the nation, in a way that took children away from their families, parents at the border. According to US media reports, undocumented adults have been separated from their children at the US-Mexico border as part of the policy of the administration of former President Donald Trump to curb illegal immigration. Over 5,500 families have been separated under this policy and the parents of over 600 children have yet to be found.

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