US Indians: Indian relief by US court order must be restored to protect undocumented migrants DACA – US court orders full reinstatement of daca for relief of many Indians

The federal court granted relief to migrants from many countries, including India, overturning the decision of the current Donald administration to complete his term in the United States. The court ordered the full reinstatement of the program to protect immigrants from deportation to the country, who are in the country without valid documents. A large number of Indian expatriates will benefit from this court ruling on the plan submitted to President Barack Obama.

Accept new applications from Monday
In 2017, the Trump administration attempted to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan, but the United States Supreme Court halted it. ‘effort in June of this year. .

New York’s Eastern District Judge Nicholas Garaufis on Friday ordered the Department of Homeland Security to extend the moratorium on DACA beneficiaries for two years and to accept new requests starting Monday. This will allow those who were not eligible to apply again for the first time after September 2017.

What is the plan?
The program provides protection from deportation to illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children. Judge Garoufis wrote in his order: “The court considers this additional remedy to be reasonable”.

It should be noted that approximately 640,000 people are registered in the DACA program. According to the report published in 2019 by South Asian American Leading Together (SALT), at least 630,000 Indians live in the United States without documents. This number is 72% higher than in 2010. According to the report, there are currently 4,300 active South Asian DACA beneficiaries, while 2,550 Indians were active DACA beneficiaries as of August 2018.

Only 13% applied
According to SALT, approximately 20,000 Indians in the United States are eligible for DACA, but only 13 percent of them have applied for and received DACA. According to the report, 1,300 Pakistanis, 470 Bangladeshis, 120 Sri Lankans and 60 Nepalese receive benefits under this scheme. The Trump administration can appeal the ruling to the Federal Court or go to the Supreme Court and seek temporary relief.

Respect for American values
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the court upheld Obama’s tenure plan that respects American values ​​and the will of the American people. He said: “Dreamers are necessary and they are entitled to real and lasting decisions so that they can continue to contribute to our country. Our Democratic-majority House of Representatives in the 117th Congress will re-pass a bipartisan bill to protect the dreamers that the Biden-Harris administration signs on to.

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