US Intelligence Report Riots on Capitol Hill: Violent Fundamentalism and Racial Discrimination Increase US Threat: Intelligence Report – Violent Fundamentalism and Racial Discrimination Increase Intelligence Report on US Threats

Strong points:

America is threatened by violent extremism and racial discrimination. U.S. intelligence officials warned in a report that the report was written in the context of a violent mob attack on the U.S. Capitol. Washington
U.S. intelligence officials said in a report that violent extremism and racial discrimination have increased the danger to the country. This report was prepared in the context of a violent mob attack on the United States Capitol (United States Parliament) more than two months ago. Much said in this report is similar to the warnings of other US officials, including FBI Director Christopher Ray.

Ray had said in his testimony this month that the threat was increasing across the country due to national violent fundamentalism. The attack on the American Parliament posed a threat to national radicalism. Weeks after the incident, US President Joe Biden tasked intelligence officials to determine the extent of the problems. Details of the threat assessment were made public on Wednesday.

Fundamentalist inspired by different types of ideologies
This full report was presented to the White House and Congress. House Intelligence Committee Chairman and Representative for California Adam Schiff said: ‚ÄúToday’s report shows how threatened we are by racially and ethnically-motivated violent radicals, especially those who consider white superiors and violent militia fanatics. ” Intelligence officials said in the report that those fundamentalists capable of perpetrating violence are inspired by a variety of ideologies.

He said the greatest danger came from violent, racist-inspired fanatics who could lead massive attacks on American citizens. Militia groups can attack law enforcement, officials and government buildings. The report says that many people, inspired by the ideology of seeing whites as superior, also went to meet other like-minded people in other countries.

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