US Iran News: Mike Pompeo says Iran is Al Qaeda’s new base – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Iran is becoming a new stronghold for Al Qaeda terrorist organization

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The US Secretary of State said that the new stronghold of Iranian terrorist organization Al Qaeda, vsike Pompeo, said al Qaeda had centralized its leadership in Tehran.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Iran has become the new stronghold of the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda. Mike Pompeo said Al Qaeda has centralized its leadership in Tehran. Not only that, the commander of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is currently in hiding in Tehran. Iran has strongly denied this statement by the US Secretary of State.

Pompeo said relations between Iran and Al Qaeda began to improve in 2015, when the Obama administration finalized the nuclear deal with Germany, Britain and France. Sanctions were lifted against Iran after this nuclear deal. However, the US Secretary of State did not provide any evidence to support the statement on Iran.

“I would say Iran is really a new Afghanistan”
Iran, a country of Shia Muslims, has long considered al-Qaeda, a Sunni influence, an enemy of the region. However, many reports indicate that Al Qaeda is using Iranian territory. Pompeo said: “Al Qaeda has a new home. It is the Islamic Republic of Iran. He said, “I would say Iran is actually a new Afghanistan which has been the geographic center of Al Qaeda, but Iran is actually much worse.”

The US Secretary of State said, “The Al Qaeda people in Afghanistan were hiding in the mountains and from there the terrorists in Iran are carrying out their activities under the strict security of the Iranian administration.” Mike Pompeo will step down as Donald Trump on January 20 as Minister of Foreign Affairs. On the other hand, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif strongly denied Pompeo’s statement. He said the US Secretary of State was lying to cause war.

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