US Japan Two plus two talks: US Japan holds security talks in response to China’s aggregation in Asia: US and Japan accuse China of aggression in two plus meeting of them

Japan and the United States jointly criticized China’s bullying and aggression in Asia on Tuesday. In fact, the first talks at the top ministerial level of the two countries took place today after President Joe Biden came to power. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken had two plus two talks with their Japanese counterparts, Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motogi.

China challenges democracy and human rights
After the talks, Blinken said democracy and human rights are in question in the region, and the United States will work closely with its allies for a free and independent Hindi-Pacific region. Blinken said the Biden administration is determined to work closely with U.S. allies and those who feel challenged by China and its allies in the region, North Korea.

Xinjiang and South China Sea mentioned
In a joint statement issued after the talks, ministers expressed serious concern over human rights violations in China’s Xinjiang Province, allegations and activities of illegal sea areas in the South China Sea. and unilateral attempts to change the status quo in the eastern islands controlled by Japan. China Sea. He said that if China adopts coercion and aggression in its best interests, we will push it back if necessary.

Japan-China dispute over the East China Sea islands
Significantly, China is claiming its rights to the Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea. The statement also underlined the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. During the Biden administration’s first overseas trip abroad, Blinken and Austin continued to work with their Japanese counterparts on the Kovid-19 pandemic, climate change. At the same time, the two sides also agreed to cooperate on the North Korean nuclear threat and the situation resulting from the military coup in Myanmar.

Kim Jong’s sister also warns America
Shortly after the two top US ministers arrived in Japan on Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister warned the United States that it should not breach if it is to sleep peacefully during the four coming years. Kim Yo Jong’s statement on Tuesday is North Korea’s first official statement to the administration of US President Joe Biden.

America sees Japan as a great ally in Asia
Instead of inviting Japanese ministers to the United States, Biden sent two of his top ministers to Japan, which is very important for the Asian country. Japan regards its partnership with the United States as the cornerstone of its diplomatic and defense policy.

Japan-America to step up defense cooperation
In talks with Foreign Minister Motegi ahead of the “Two Plus Two” talks, Blinken said we had not chosen Japan for the first cabinet-level visit. He and Austin, he said, have come to strengthen the dedication of the alliance and go further. He said the United States and its allies are working together on climate change, cybersecurity and health security and supporting our shared values.

America, Japan and South Korea strengthen their partnership
Blinken said the United States and Japan confirm the importance of their trilateral partnership with South Korea. However, ministers have not publicly commented on the strained relations between Japan and South Korea regarding compensation during the war. After talks with Blinken, Motegi said the two ministers oppose China’s unilateral efforts to change the status quo in the region’s seas. He said the two ministers also agreed on the importance of North Korea’s complete nuclear disarmament.

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