US lawmakers call for help from India against Corona, will Biden lift ban on vaccine raw materials? – US lawmakers call on Biden administration to help India fight covid-19 with vaccine

Many countries have come forward to help India, which is dealing with the tsunami of the corona virus outbreak. US lawmakers have offered to help India with the Kovid vaccine. At the same time, Russia has offered Remedesivir and oxygen to India. China has also offered to help India treat Corona. However, India has not given any formal consent for any country’s assistance.

Biden’s party MP called for help
Democratic Party Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, United States, called on the Biden administration to help India immediately. He tweeted and wrote that Corona virus infection recorded the biggest jump in one day in India. Earth Day is related not only to our planet, but to the health of all people who live on it.

Question asked – Why are you refusing aid from India?
Ed Markey said America has more than the vaccine needed for everyone, but we refuse to support countries like India. He appealed to Joe Biden, saying we have the resources to help and other people need them; It is our moral obligation to do so.

MP expressed condolences to India
US Congresswoman Haley Stevens of the Michigan Democratic Party tweeted about the growing Corona cases in India. He wrote that during the devastating Corona wave in India, my heart goes out to the people there.

Question on America’s intention of friendship with India
America’s stubborn attitude has also raised questions about the intention of its friendship with India. Right now, the whole world is grappling with the corona epidemic. Each country is busy helping other countries to come out of all disputes. In such a situation, what was the need of the United States to stop the raw material to increase vaccine production in India. Is America’s friendship with India only for the good of China?

India’s immunization program could be affected
The US ban is expected to affect not only friendship with India, but vaccination programs as well. Every day there are record Corona cases and deaths in India. In such a situation, the government announced to apply the vaccine to all people over the age of 18 from May 1. If vaccine production does not increase, immunization of the entire Indian population may take time.

The White House did not answer two questions
The case was questioned twice Monday during a morning White House briefing on Kovid-19 and later during the daily press conference of press secretary Jane Saki. At a press conference in the morning, a reporter questioned the White House’s Kovid-19 response team that the Serum Institute of India said the Biden administration was blocking exports of raw materials it had need to produce the Kovid-19 vaccine. And the Serum Institute has called on (US) President Joe Biden to lift the ban. So my question is, what raw material is India talking about and do you have any plans to address the concerns related to the serum?

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