US military conflict in Iran feared in Persian Gulf ahead of death anniversary of Qasem Soleimani: threat of war with United States ahead of death anniversary of Iranian commander Qasim Sulemani

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US Sent Signs Of Deepening Military Confrontation In Iran: US Says US Nuclear Bomber Iran Steps Up Naval Activity Before Iranian Commander Kills
About a year ago, the United States killed Iran’s most powerful military commander, Qasem Soleimani. This has led to a deepening of the tension between the two countries and once again a situation of military confrontation is observed in the region. Iran has alleged that the United States has sent its nuclear bombers to the Persian Gulf, while the Donald Trump administration says the Iranian navy has become more active in the past 48 hours.

On the other hand, the Israeli media have quoted US sources as claiming that Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushing Trump to demolish Iran’s nuclear facilities before his term ends.

Iran warned America again, said – We are ready to respond to any military pressure

America is preparing for the attack?
According to the CNN report, America fears Iran will not try to target America on January 3, Sulaimani’s birthday. Not only that, political analysts also feared that Trump, who was troubled by Joe Biden’s presidential victory, would seek to further complicate the dispute with Iran in order to create difficulties for the new government.

Indeed, Biden’s plan is to reduce the pressure Trump put on Iran, negotiate with him, and bring Iran back to the Paramnu deal. In such a situation, experts believe Iran will take all thoughtful steps so that the restrictions on Biden can be relaxed.

Aggressive Trump administration in Tehran
At the same time, the Trump administration is not in the mood to rescue Iran. Last week, the US central command claimed that the attack in the international area near the US embassy in Baghdad was carried out by an Iran-backed terrorist organization. At the same time, the Russian ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Association said on Friday that Iran will get uranium equivalent to the nuclear deal before 2015. It is believed that this may also worsen the problems. tensions between the two countries.

Iran has also shown a clear attitude
General Hussein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said on Friday without naming America that today we have no problems, concerns or apprehensions about a power. We can give our enemies the last answer on the battlefield. On the other hand, the United States sent a nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf with the B-52 bomber. The B-52 bombers that the United States has deployed in the Gulf countries can also attack with a nuclear cruise missile.
(Source: CNN, including language entries)

Iran withdraws arrest warrant on behalf of Trump

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