US military support for Saudi Arabia: America will not tolerate Saudi attacks in Yemen, Biden said – Violence must end – Joe Biden ends US military support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

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US President Joe Biden tells Saudi Arabia to end military operations in Yemen ConversationWashington
New US President Joe Biden has announced the withdrawal of support for Saudi-backed military operations in Yemen. The US government says the violence in Yemen over the past six years must end. President Biden said during a visit to the US State Department in Washington that the war was going to end. Yemen, bordering the Gulf of Aden, has been a battleground between Houthi rebels supported by Iran and Saudi Arabia for many years.

Biden appointed special envoy to Yemen
Biden has sent veteran US diplomat Timothy Landerking to the United States as a special envoy to end the ongoing violence in Yemen. Through Timothy, the United States wants not only to regain its lost respect in Yemen, but also to maintain its grip on this geographically important region.

The sale of arms to Saudi Arabia has also ceased
The United Nations has described Yemen as the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. 80 percent of the people lack food. In addition, large-scale populations face famine. Not only has Yemen affected population crores due to this war, but millions of people have died as well. To demonstrate its commitment has ended all US support, including the sale of weapons for combat operations in Yemen.

Why is the Gulf of Aden so important?
Half of world trade passes through the Gulf of Aden. Most of it is petroleum products. If a country’s military is strong in this area, it can meet the energy needs of its enemies. Apart from this, maritime trade takes place through the Suez Canal. Aden borders Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Biden is gentle on Iran and hot on Arabia
Joe Biden’s stance on Iran has been gentle from the start. This is why Iran has indicated that it could reverse the nuclear deal signed under Obama. At the same time, Biden has taken a tough stance on Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, he banned the sale of signed weapons during Trump’s tenure.

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