US military vehicles fall into Taliban hands: US military vehicles captured by Taliban in Afghanistan

The US military, embroiled in the war on terror in Afghanistan for 20 years, quickly returns home. President Joe Biden announced a complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, within two months of being sworn in. This is the reason why the American soldiers present in Afghanistan show their readiness during the evacuation of the military bases. For this reason, the weapons and equipment of the US military fall into the hands of the Taliban instead of arriving at the Afghan army.

More than 700 trucks and armored vehicles seized
According to a Forbes report, in the past month, the Taliban seized 700 trucks and armored vehicles from the US military. These include the US Army Howitzer Cannon and the famous Humvees military vehicle. These startling figures show that government forces have almost ceased to exist without a fight in many districts of Afghanistan.

The United States has released the Afghan army in broad daylight without informing
Instead of selling or giving these weapons to the Afghan army, the United States left it open. Due to which there are fears that the Taliban will strengthen in the coming days. Many experts believe that due to the sudden withdrawal of US forces, the government of Afghanistan is nearing completion. It is feared that in the coming days, the Taliban will also seize the capital Kabul.

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The Taliban have more weapons than expected
In an open source investigative report published on the Oryx blog, authors Stijn Mitzer and Jost Olimans report that the Taliban recently shared photos of captured American vehicles and weapons on social media. On the basis of these images, this count of weapons was made. Updated on the evening of June 30, the report says 715 light vehicles were seized by the Taliban, while 65 were destroyed. The report estimates that the Taliban have even more weapons and vehicles.

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The Taliban now occupied the arms of the US military

Weapons / CarsNumberFord Ranger Light Truck270Navistar International 7000 Medium Truck141M1151 / Cargo-Bed Config Humvee 329Oshkosh Landmine Resistant ATV21
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People fear the power of the Taliban
There is concern that if the Taliban have enough fuel to run these vehicles, then they will be more powerful than the armies of many countries. The Taliban could use the captured Hamwi to carry out suicide attacks in highly protected areas of Kabul. Not only that, by deploying heavy weapons on US Army armored vehicles, it can increase its attack capability.

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