US Navy exercise: US Navy US Fleet Forces Command The biggest war games in decades with Carrier Strike Group aganist Russia China Alliance

The US Navy simultaneously launched large-scale maneuvers all over the world. The biggest maneuver of the decade involved every US Navy fleet deployed around the world. Aircraft carriers, submarines, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, early missile boats, helicopters, F-35 fighters and reconnaissance planes are participating in the two-week exercise. It is said that the US Navy organized this exercise to wage the war on several fronts simultaneously.

America in preparation for operation by joining the fleet
The US Fleet Forces Command said the large-scale maneuvers were aimed at testing the combat strength and prowess of the fleet. This will help carry out an operation by combining multiple US Navy fleets, synchronizing the fleet, and supporting joint forces. The United States currently has 11 aircraft carriers, which are deployed in different parts of the world.

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The ability of commanders will be demonstrated
US Fleet Forces Command Commander Christopher W. Grady said, “We have focused on working with multiple fleets rather than just one carrier strike group. In this context, the decision-making capacity of fleet commanders will be tested with speed and precision. He will also see which commander beats his rival.

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US Navy maneuvers in 17 regions of the world
According to the US Navy, this exercise was conducted in 17 different regions of the world until August 16. It also includes disputed areas from the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the East China Sea to the South China Sea. It was also organized in view of the growing tension with Russia and China. China and Russia are together against the United States and this is what makes Washington agitated. America is also trying to advance and change the global strategy on the strength of its naval power.

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America adopts WWII strategy
James R. Holmes, Jesse Wylie president of maritime strategy at the US Naval War College, told US military publication Stars and Stripes on Monday that the Navy was returning to WWII strategy through its aircraft carriers. Through this, an attempt is made to increase the strength of the US Navy, so that the entire army is not crippled while some major warships are damaged during the attack.

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The US Navy several times stronger than China
Compared to China, the US Navy has many deadly destroyers and missile cruisers with more capabilities that can cause disaster in an instant. These warships increase America’s cruise missile launch capability. According to defense analyst Nick Childs of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the United States has more than 9,000 vertical-launch missile cells launched from its warships, while China has only one. ‘about 1,000. In such a situation, China cannot compete with America anywhere in missiles.

America is also number 1 in the case of submarines
Additionally, the US Navy’s 50 submarines are all powered by nuclear power. At the same time, China has 62 submarines to say, but only 7 of them run on nuclear power. In such a situation, America is no less than China in displaying sea power in any corner of the world. U.S. nuclear submarines can remain hidden underwater for months, while diesel-electric submarines, with the exception of 7 Chinese submarines, will have to surface after some time.

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