US Navy First Fleet in Indian Ocean: Good news for India, US Navy to create new Indian Ocean Command in the event of a collision with China – US Navy to create new First Fleet in India Indian Ocean to face China good news for India

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The United States was shocked by the Chinese dragon’s plan to rule the Indian Ocean, the head of the United States Navy said he wanted to create a new navy command in the Indian Ocean.
The United States has shocked the Chinese dragon’s plan to rule the Indian Ocean. US Navy Chief Kenneth Braithwaite has said he wants to create a new US Navy command in the Indian Ocean. This command will be responsible for the surveillance of the Indian Ocean area as well as the adjacent Pacific Ocean. Kenneth Braithwaite made the announcement at a time when the Indian and US Marines are conducting Malabar exercises in the Indian Ocean near Andaman along with Japan and Australia.

Kenneth said: “We can’t just rely on Japan’s 7th Fleet. We have to look at our other partners and partners like Singapore and India. Not only that, if necessary, he will have to have a fleet. He said the most important thing is that this new navy command will give us impenetrable deterrence, so we will build a “first fleet”.

Indeed, the US military is strengthening its ties not only with India, but also with other countries in the region such as Singapore and Australia to cope with China’s growing geopolitical ambition. Previously, the United States First Fleet was involved in naval operations in the Western Pacific Ocean from 1947 to 1973. Almost 50 years ago, the United States disbanded the First Fleet and replaced it with the third fleet.

From now on, the US Seventh Fleet based in Japan is responsible for observing the Indian Ocean. This is the Seventh Fleet that sailed against India during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. It is not yet known how long the US Navy planned to build this fleet, but plans are said to be underway for several months to deploy the “first fleet” in the Indian Ocean. Kenneth also spoke to former Defense Minister Mark Esper in this regard.

According to The Drive report, it is not yet clear where the headquarters of this first fleet will be. The US Navy has been at Changi Naval Base in Singapore since the 1990s. On this base there are warships of America’s Seventh Fleet. It is possible that the first American fleet will form very quickly in Singapore. Apart from that, it is also said that initially this first fleet will patrol between Singapore, Australia and Diogogarsia, very close to India. This will greatly increase the strength of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean.

Chinese Navy enters Indian Ocean
The Chinese navy is spreading its wings very quickly in the Indian Ocean. Satellite photographs taken in May this year show that the Chinese naval base in Djibouti, Africa, has been modernized. Previously, this base built by logistics support has now been converted into a naval base. A Chinese aircraft carrier can also stand at this base. China is also involved in the development of an artificial island in the Maldives. Many claim that China is developing the island to reduce India’s influence in the Indian Ocean.

There are also reports of the construction of a naval base at the port of Gwadar in Pakistan, China. China is also contributing to the development of a naval base in Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar. The Chinese naval base in Djibouti reflects the ambition of the dragon in the Indian Ocean. This naval base is spread over an area of ​​approximately 25,000 square feet. This Adda is like a Chinese fort in itself. It can hold around 10,000 Chinese soldiers. Analysts believe China is monitoring intelligence in the region through this base. Watchtowers were built for all around surveillance and heavy security measures were taken.

Chinese naval base is a great danger to India
Almost ten years ago, the Chinese navy entered the Indian Ocean in the name of rescuing pirates. Indian analysts say it was previously thought that China was doing this to protect its interests and trade, but opinions are changing. Many analysts believe that China is now projecting itself as a major power in the Indian Ocean. China continuously sends submarines and warships to the Indian Ocean. In September of last year, a Chinese ship entered the Indian seabed. The report says India should expand its reach into the Western Pacific Ocean, where China dominates. This will force the dragon to make its move.

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