US Navy Iranian Navy: Video US Navy fires warning shots after Iranian ships approach close in Persian Gulf: Video of US Navy shooting at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf goes viral

Tensions between the United States and Iran in the Persian Gulf continue to increase. Over the past few days, it has been reported that the Iranian navy has been harassing US tankers patrolling the area. The US military itself had said that the Iranian Navy’s large warships increased the danger by approaching the small gasoline-powered boats of the United States. The US military announced Tuesday that recently an Iranian ship had approached very close to an oil tanker of their navy, which had to fire warning shots to escape.

Iran is pressuring America to pressurize it
There has been very little in the past five years that an Iranian Navy ship has come very close to the US Navy ship. These days, negotiations are underway in Vienna regarding the United States’ return to a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran is believed to be carrying out such activities to create pressure at this meeting. The US military has claimed that such actions at sea are carried out on the instructions of the local commander of the Iranian military, for which they have no command from above.

US warship fired shells while not operating under warning
During the patrol, the US military reported that soldiers aboard the oil tanker gave several warnings to the Iranian ship via pull-to-bridge radios and ringing devices. Even after that, the Iranian ship continued to approach and cut dangerously. After which, to give a strict warning, the American Patrol Boat fired into the air to give the final warning. After which, the Iranian ship moved to a safe distance from the US ship.

Iranian ship approaching 200 feet from US warship
The US ships were in international waters during the incident, but the Iranian navy continued to bypass them at alarming speeds to provoke. In it, an Iranian navy rapid attack craft came at a distance of 204 feet from the US ship. According to international law, no ship from an enemy country can reach so close to another ship.

America recounted the work of local Iranian navy commanders
Naval General Kenneth McKenzie, head of USS Central Command, said the activities usually carried out by the IRGC (Iranian Navy) navy are not necessarily led by the Supreme Leader or the Iranian state, but rather by irresponsible actions of local commanders Huh. A US official said the incident took place in an area where the Iranian Navy often harassed fishing vessels.

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