US Navy USS Gerald Ford Shock Trial recorded earthquake after bomb explosion

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The US Navy tested the effect of a bomb attack on the newest aircraft carrier The US Navy released a video of this horrific explosion under the sea, this large 18,000 kg bomb was dropped in the sea near the aircraft carrier Washington
The US military, engaged in the fight against the growing sea power of the Chinese navy, has tested the effects of a horrific bomb attack on its newest aircraft carrier. The US Navy has released a video of the horrific underwater explosion. This huge bomb of about 18,000 kilograms was dropped in the middle of the sea near the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, causing a strong underwater explosion and an earthquake.

The US Navy called this a full ship shock test. According to media reports, this explosion caused an earthquake of 3.9 on the Richter scale under the sea. The US Navy carried out this test last Friday, 100 miles from Daytona Beach, Florida. Experts say that such a test is an unusual phenomenon in itself. watch the video-

The big video of the explosion is now viral
It is said that the US Navy detonated the bomb underwater while its aircraft carrier was above the surface of the water. This test showed how well this aircraft carrier can withstand a bomb attack and how effective it will prove during war. The USGS recorded this earthquake at sea. Video of the large explosion has now gone viral and has been viewed more than 30,000 times so far.

Strong waves rose in the sea during the explosion

The discussion about this bombardment is vast, but the US Navy says it was a completely safe explosion. He said that through this explosion the possibilities of future warfare of the aircraft carrier were tested. The video describes three proposed explosions. However, it is estimated that there were only two tests. The US aircraft carrier’s Twitter account said that through this explosion the Navy showed its readiness and at the same time it also showed that we can also counter a bomb attack. The US Navy has said the explosion will have no impact on the environment.

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