US News: US Election Result 2020: Donald Trump or Joe Biden know when US Presidential Election Result Comes – US Election 2020 Results Date and Time in India, Know All Latest Updates

In the United States, half of the voting time for the presidential election is almost over. Those who have not yet voted through the Main in Ballet are using their votes in 50 states in America. According to Indian time, voting in many states in America will continue until 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Usually, the picture of the presidential election is clear on election day. But this time, due to the Corona virus outbreak and the growing number of mail in ballots, it is also expected to be delayed.

The count will start as soon as the voting is over
The count will begin as soon as the vote for the presidential election in the United States ends. This time, the voting time is different depending on the American state. According to Indian time, the official counting of votes will begin in many states of the United States from 5:30 a.m. Although there are many states where the counting of votes will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Election image can be clear Wednesday night
Usually the whole country is never counted in one night. But, so many votes are counted, so that a victory in the elections can be decided. However, the image that is clear on the overnight count is called the trend because it takes several days to get the final result.

Why the suspicion of delay in the expression of results
This time around half of American voters voted with the postal ballot and mail due to the corona virus. Ballet Courier will be received in most states of the United States starting November 3. At the same time, ballots can be sent out late in some large states, including Pennsylvania and North Carolina (through November 6), Minnesota and Nevada (through November 10), and Ohio. (until November 13).

Postal voting will cause a delay
Postal ballots are suspected of delaying the outcome of the US presidential election. All states are due to release their results from November 10. If there is any problem in any condition, it may also be delayed. All states except California must complete certification by December 8. At the same time, states will also have to deal with all the disputes, challenges and recalculation issues.

Why did the Supreme Court extend the deadline
After that, these late received ballots will also be counted. The court gave time until November 12 to do the count. These states had argued in court that due to the corona virus, we were receiving late mail. At the same time, voters are also shocked by this epidemic. On this basis, the court extended its deadline.

When will officials involved in the electoral process vote
In the United States, elected officials will vote on December 14. Who will then be sent to Washington for the count. State in which the officer will reside. These votes will be added to the final result of this state.

Counting of votes to begin immediately in 48 states
The counting of votes in 48 states will begin immediately after the end of the election in the United States. In such a situation, if Donald Trump or Joe Biden gets a decisive advantage in those states, they won’t have to wait for the results of the other states. But if the case is blocked, only the votes of these two states will play a decisive role.

The Supreme Court can seek a result
President Donald Trump has already indicated he will appeal to the Supreme Court immediately after the vote. In such a situation, there may also be a delay in the court decision. It is believed that Donald Trump could benefit if the case goes to court. Because he appointed four judges during his tenure. With the exception of one Amy Barrett, the other three judges will attend the hearing.

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