US News: US Navy SEAL Commandos Successful Operation in Nigeria, Rescue of Hijacked US Citizen – US Hostage from Niger Rescued by US Special Forces Team 6 in High Risk Raid

US Navy SEAL commandos conducted a covert operation to free one of their civilians in the African country of Niger. In this mission, the commando team not only safely evacuated the American citizen, but also killed six kidnappers. This US military mission is hailed around the world. President Donald Trump himself congratulated the American special force on the success of this covert operation.

Kidnappers taken from Niger to Nigeria
Philip Walton, a 27-year-old US citizen, was reportedly abducted Tuesday morning from his farm in Maslata, southern Niger. All the hijackers were armed with deadly weapons like the AK-47. After the kidnapping, he transferred an American citizen from Niger to Nigeria. The kidnappers then demanded a million dollar ransom from Philip’s father in exchange for his release. After which, the father of the hijacked US citizen sought help from the military.

Location of kidnappers found by follow-up phone
The US Department of Defense said in its statement that the location of the hijackers in Nigeria was tracked after their phones were tracked. After which, on Saturday morning, the allied commando unit of SEAL Team-6 conducted a successful operation. Six kidnappers were killed in the operation, while Philip was rescued to safety. The rescued person said the kidnappers were killed until they understood what had happened.

Trump took credit for this assignment
After this successful military operation in the electoral environment, US President Donald Trump seemed to take the credit. He claimed the operation was carried out according to his instructions and that Philip Walton was rescued within 96 hours of his abduction. He said securing the freedom of Americans imprisoned abroad was my administration’s top national priority.

No commandos were injured in the mission
“We have rescued over 55 hostages and detainees in over 24 countries,” Trump said. Today’s operation must be seen as a stern warning to terrorists and criminal thugs who mistakenly believe they can kidnap Americans. The US Department of Defense said no servicemen were injured during the operation.

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