US nuclear deal with Iran: Iran calls on America to return to nuclear deal soon: Iran asked US to revert to nuclear deal

Iran’s foreign minister called on the United States to revert to the 2015 nuclear deal as soon as possible. Mohammad Jawad Zarif has said that if the United States does not ease its sanctions by February 21, a bill passed in the country’s parliament would force the government to tighten its stance on the nuclear energy issue. Apart from that, he also cited the presidential election to be held in June and warned that if a radical president comes, the deal could be in jeopardy.

“ The Late America’s Loss ”
Zarif said in a newspaper interview that before the Iranian New Year, because of the bill in Parliament and then the atmosphere of the presidential elections, America has less time. Parliament passed the bill in December, imposing a two-month deadline to ease restrictions. Zarif said the longer the United States, the greater the loss. It would appear that the Joe Biden administration does not want to dissociate itself from Donald Trump’s failed legacy.

America: The “terrorist” status of the Houthi rebels returning to Yemen, who are trying to help the Gulf countries, Biden, how is this possible?
Trump ended the deal
Indeed, the Biden administration hints at improving relations with Iran. In 2018, Donald Trump ended the nuclear deal with Iran, which led the United States to turn to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. However, speculation abounds that Biden could once again strike a nuclear deal with Iran.

His administration has also stripped Iranian-backed Houthis of Yemen’s “terrorist” status, which is seen as a soft approach to Iran. However, the United States has made it clear that it does not support the Hootis. In this way, he tries to escape the discontent of Saudi Arabia.

What will Biden’s policy be?
The Gulf countries are already watching whether Biden, who was the vice president of the Barack Obama administration, will adopt the policy like him? Or will continue to pressure Iran by banning Trump. Experts believe that how Trump weakened Iran’s financial and economic capabilities will be a big challenge for Biden.

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