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These days Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is wooing the Biden administration by giving interviews to US media. In June itself, the Pakistani NSA met with its US counterpart and pleaded for strengthening mutual relations on the basis of equality. Today, two American experts said that Pakistan’s desire to improve relations with the United States can only be satisfied if it changes its terrorism policy and its relations with India and China.

What did the experts say about US-Pakistan relations?
Speaking at a conference on “US-Pakistan relations following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan,” Lisa Curtis, former senior director of the National Security Council and senior researcher at the Center for New American Security, said strategic partners must agree on interest. He also said that at present there is no agreement between Pakistan and America on Afghanistan and China.

Taliban can attack Pakistani government
At a conference hosted by the Hudson Institute on Tuesday, Curtis said Pakistan’s policy of supporting the Taliban was not in his own best interests. He said if the Taliban take power in Afghanistan and it looks like we are going in that direction, then there will be retaliation in Pakistan from the terrorists who want to target the government of Pakistan.

Hussain Haqqani headed the program
He said Pakistan will have to work on some points without disagreeing with India. The conference was moderated by Hussain Haqqani, Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute. Hussain Haqqani was Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. He is considered a traitor in Pakistan.

America cautious about its relations with Pakistan
Joshua White, who served in the White House in the Obama administration, said the United States is once again increasing its dependence on Pakistan while withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan. But, this time, he does not want to rush to provide financial assistance to Pakistan to seek its cooperation.

No more opposition to Pakistan in America
“The United States can offer to buy military equipment, provide any kind of security support, provide funding, and it will be reasonably priced in return for Pakistan’s help,” White said. “But this time, there is no support for the United States to provide large-scale financial or security assistance to Pakistan,” he said.

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