US physicist Mark Buchanan warns alien contact could end all life on Earth

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Scientists have warned that if we contact aliens life on Earth will end, physicist Mark Buchanan said we should stop all attempts to contact aliens.
The world’s best scientists have warned that if we contact aliens, life on Earth will end. Physicist and science writer Mark Buchanan said that in view of this danger, we should stop any attempt at contact with aliens. In support of this claim, he referred to a video released by the US Department of Defense in April 2020.

In this video, US Navy planes are seen facing an “unknown object”. This object was flying so fast and in such a direction that it is not possible with man-made airplanes. A year earlier, a leaked Pentagon footage showed an unidentified object hovering over the San Diego skies. In this, astronomers have warned that these potential aliens should not be mistaken that they are coming here for peace.

“If contact is made with aliens it is dangerous for us”
Buchanan said in his Washington Post article that this was a possibility. He said we should be thankful that we have no evidence of an alien civilization yet. He said if aliens are present and an attempt is made to contact them, it can be very dangerous for us. Another space observer, Joe Gertz, supported Buchanan’s point of view.

Joe said our attempts to contact aliens could have criminal consequences. Buchanan said meeting aliens is similar to how Christopher Columbus came to North America. By this time, the ancient civilization of North America had proved weak against the technologically advanced European civilization. He said that our galaxy is still new and that another galaxy will surely have a civilization older than ours.

The Aliens Debate Has Intensified In America
Contrary to this claim by Buchanan, many experts say his thinking is different. If we contact aliens, it will benefit humanity. He said that alien technology can be used for the good of mankind and it will save the earth. Reports of UFOs are about to arrive in America, as the debate over aliens has intensified.

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