US President-elect Joe Biden has finished appointing his cabinet and says Donald Trump is not showing up for the oath is a good thing: Joe Biden prepared his team before taking power – Donald Trump’s swearing-in does not is not good

Strong points:

Newly elected President Joe Biden formed his team before taking power. I am proud to say that we have decided on the names of the cabinet: Biden will be the first cabinet in which women and men have an equal stake: Bidenwashington
Donald Trump, who refused to accept the results of the US presidential election, is finally ready to relinquish power. Trump will legitimately hand power over to Joe Biden on January 20. Here, newly elected President Joe Biden (US President-elect Joe Biden) is busy preparing for power. Joe Biden has almost finished his team. He said I am proud to say that we have decided on the names of the cabinet.

Newly-elected President Joe Biden has said it will be the first such cabinet in which women and men will have equal participation. In addition, people of all races will be included in this cabinet.

On the issue of preparations for impeachment against Donald Trump, Joe Biden said Congress would make this decision. I have to concentrate on my work.

On the issue of the corona vaccine, Biden said the vaccines give us hope, but its implementation is like a challenge. It will be the biggest challenge as a country to carry out this difficult work.

At the same time, on the issue of Trump not attending the swearing-in ceremony, Biden said sarcastically – there are things we both agree on. It is a good thing for them not to attend the ceremony.

In fact, US President Donald Trump tweeted that for anyone who requested it, I will not be attending the swearing-in on January 20. Trump was the first president in 1869 after Andrew Johnson, the 17th U.S. president, who would not attend his successor’s swearing-in ceremony.

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