US Presidential Car: When the US Presidential Car Cadillac One Breaks Down in Mumbai All you want to know when Barack Obama visits India: When the engine of US President The Beast’s car in Mumbai stopped heating in 2010 during Barack Obama’s visit to India.

Big claims have always been made about the President’s car, The Beast. It goes so far as to say that neither a missile can be blown nor a bullet can hit this car. Not only that, the chemical and biological attack also does not affect this car. But did you know that when then-US President Barack Obama visited India in 2010, his Beast car suddenly pulled up in Mumbai. Even the Secret Service agents engaged in protecting Obama could not fix it then. The great thing was that Obama was not sitting in the car at the time of this incident.

Incident during Obama’s visit to India in 2010
Famous defense website The Drive published a report on The Beast malfunctioning on a Mumbai road in 2010, citing a member of the Secret Service Counterattack Team (CAT). Gage disclosed the incident in a recent episode of The Team House Podcast. Kat’s commandos join the US President’s convoy at any time. They ride convoy trains and bicycles. Their main task is to protect the president from any kind of attack and kill the enemy.

Two ‘the Beast’ cadillades were brought to Mumbai
Secret Service Agent Gauge reported that two numbers of The Beast presidential limousine were brought to India for this tour. President Obama’s visit took place from November 6 to 6, 2010. Obama came to India for the first time after becoming President. During this time, outside of Delhi, he also visited Mumbai. During the yatra, he also paid tribute to the victims of the Mumbai terrorist attack in 2008 2 years ago.

The car arrived a day before due to the level of danger
The Secret Service has received numerous threat alerts regarding Obama’s visit to India. Therefore, the Metering Assets team was sent to India the day before to strengthen the security system. This team also included Agent Gauge. The plane from which these people were arriving in India, the brand new presidential limousine The Beast was also placed. Gauge, however, said the issue of the car’s overheating was raised before Obama’s arrival.

For this reason the beast was closed on the road
Obama’s brand new limousine had already been field tested in the United States. In which this car met all its standards. Therefore, even the engineers paid no attention to this problem. When the car arrived in India, a secret service agent filled the gasoline car with diesel. Ignoring the impending danger, the commando team began to take this car and march through the streets of Mumbai. A few kilometers later, the engine of the president’s car got so hot that it stopped working.

Smoke started to come out of the car engine
This Secret Service agent said the hood of the car got so hot that steam began to come out. We were going to the American Embassy warehouse with this empty car. As soon as we got out, thousands of people from nearby slums gathered to see us. Seeing so many people near this classified US government car, our senses were also blown away.
Thousands of people have reached the top secret car
Gage, who heads this team, said our staff couldn’t handle the crowd of thousands. We couldn’t even shoot to keep the crowd from hitting the car. After a lot of effort, we managed to convince people. During this time, the car’s engine had also cooled. As a result we were able to bring it to our offsite.

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