US Presidential Election Results: US Presidential Election Results: One Steps From Victory Joe Biden, Donald Trump Says – ‘Stop Counting’ – US Election Results Updated Live Joe Biden moving closer to victory as Donald Trump fights

The presidential elections in America have reached a very interesting turning point. Democrat Joe Biden now has to win one state to reach the White House. He has 264 electoral votes in his account and only 6 votes are needed. Donald Trump’s victory looks tough with wins in Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump has 214 electoral votes and must win all four states – Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada – to win.

Historic vote for biden
Biden has already received the highest 7.1 million votes in the country’s history. Joe Biden still insists that all votes be counted. He also tweeted a video about it. Previously, he claimed he would come to power as President of the United States. He also said that when this happens, there will be no blue or red state, only the “United States of America”.

Ruckus on the vote count
On the other hand, Donald Trump is still adamant about the desire to stop counting votes. He tweeted: “Stop counting”. Trump’s campaign alleges that the Democratic camp rigged the election. Even the counting of the votes was re-called in Wisconsin, and cases were filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Protests intensified
Supporters of Trump and Biden are in the streets and protests are escalating. The protests in Portland became so aggressive that they were called a riot. The National Guard must have been deployed here after sabotage. Several arrests were also made in different regions of the country. In Michigan, attempts were also made to prevent officers from counting the ballots.

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