US primary election result: champagne, dance, crowd of millions … celebrating Biden’s victory in American streets – the celebration began in the streets of America after Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party leader Joe Biden beat Republican rival Donald Trump on Saturday. After the victory, Biden called on the American public to leave everyone behind, resentment and bitter rhetoric, to come together as one nation. Biden, who defeated Trump to earn a spot in the White House, is said to be the longest-serving president in American history. The celebration began on the streets of America with Biden’s victory, and Biden supporters from DC to California celebrated the Democrats’ victory by playing champagne, dancing and car horns.

The white-black struggle ends with the victory of Biden!

Recently, the United States made headlines for the death of black George Floyd. The “Black Lives Matter” campaign took place around the world. Most people blamed President Donald Trump for this white-black struggle. After Biden’s victory, this struggle was also seen on the streets of America.

People forget Corona, crowds of millions gathered to celebrate the victory

This view is near the Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House. Happy with Biden’s victory, his supporters gathered in large numbers around the White House and raised slogans and celebrated by honking their cars.

Biden crosses majority bar and will be sworn in on January 20

77-year-old former Vice President Biden will be the 46th President of the United States after winning the state of Pennsylvania. After his victory in that state, Biden obtained more than 270 “ electoral college votes ” necessary for victory. With 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, Biden now has a total of 273 electoral votes. Indian Senator Kamala Harris is the first woman to be elected Vice President in the United States. Biden and Harris will be sworn in on January 20 of next year.

Disappointment among Trump supporters, Trump himself did not give up

However, Trump supporters had to face disappointment in the midst of the celebration. Trump, on the other hand, not only refused to give up, but also claimed victory. Trump tweeted: “I won this election, by a huge margin.” His campaign has also pledged not to give up and has sued in several states.

Trump’s defeat more than Biden’s victory!

The way supporters of new US President Joe Biden and the common people celebrate on the streets of America, it’s clear they’re happier defeating Trump than Biden’s victory. Right-wing trumps have polarized widely in the United States over the past 4 years and people hold Trump responsible for spoiling the American “ environment ” because of his attitude.

Champagne open in the streets of America

With reports of Biden’s victory in the media, Biden supporters were taking to the streets. By noon, that number turned into thousands. Due to the weekend people attended and opened the champagne and celebrated it in this style.

Biden’s victory was celebrated in Washington DC like this

Indo-Americans happy with Biden’s victory

Indo-Americans said on Saturday they were delighted to elect Democratic Party leader Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. At the same time, he called the victory of Kamla Harris, who was elected vice-president, a dream of the community. The Biden-Harris couple from the Democratic Party defeated the Donald Trump and Mike Pence couple from the Republican Party.

Biden said it’s time for all of us to unite

US President-elect Joe Biden said on Saturday he felt honored and proud of the American public’s trust in him and his comrade and Vice President Kamala Harris. He told the compatriots that it was time to unite.

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