US Primary Elections Latest News: 2020 US Presidential Election Results: Latest Updates from Four Important Battlegrounds – 2020 US Presidential Election Results

The election results of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona in the United States are watching the world. The peculiarity is that victories in Pennsylvania or in one of the two states can reach Democratic candidate Joe Biden for the White House. At the same time, Republican candidate Donald Trump will have to win all four states. If Trump wins Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the results will be tied.

Georgia-16 electoral vote
Currently, Biden holds the head of a thousand votes in Georgia. There are still 15,000 votes to be counted. There are still mail order ballets from Atlanta and Savannah that could be of benefit to Biden.

Pennsylvania-20 Election Votes
Here Trump is ahead of Biden but the difference between the two is narrowing. Previously this increase was more than 5 lakhs, but now it is reduced to only 18 thousand. There are only 1.63 lakh votes left to count. Dr.

Arizona – 11 electoral votes
Biden is ahead of 47,000 lots in Arizona, but the strengths are slowly changing. Officials say there is a total of 4.7 lakh votes but how much remains to be counted is unclear.

Nevada – 6 electoral votes
Here, Biden has a margin of 12 thousand votes and Biden kept the difference until the last count. There are still 1.9 lakh of ballot left. 90% of the votes here are from Clark County and are mostly postal ballots.

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