US Religious Freedom Body Report: US Religious Freedom Body Declared India As Country Of Particular Concern About Religious Freedom In India Report: The US Religious Freedom Commission in its report stated the ‘India as a country of particular concern

Many Indo-American Muslims, Sikhs and Christian groups have been praised for the new report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). In that report, the Commission suggested that the country be placed on the List of Countries of Concern (CPC) due to the alleged decline in religious freedom in India.

Asked to accept the US government report
By issuing separate statements, these groups called on the US State Department to accept USCIRF’s recommendations. This commission is an ad hoc judicial body constituted by the Parliament (Congress). Its annual reports and recommendations on international religious freedom are not bound by the US government.

The Indo-American Muslim Council reported the report as appropriate
Rashid Ahmad, executive director of the Indo-American Muslim Council, said naming India as the world’s worst violator of religious freedoms is unfortunate but expected and justified. He said that we hope that the US State Department will accept the recommendations of USCIRF and designate India as CPC this year.

What did USCIRF say in the report
The USCIRF said in its report to designate India as a country of particular concern for planned and sustained violations and tolerance of religious freedom as defined by the International Freedom of Religion Act (IRFA). The Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations praised India as a country concerned about SUSCIRF.

India rejected the report
India, in its clarification, had previously said that the US body on international religious freedom only speaks on the basis of prejudice in areas over which it has no authority. Sikh organizations in the United States thanked the commission for assessing the status of religious minorities in India in a joint statement.

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