US sanctions against India: US sanctions against India for the purchase of an S-400 missile system from Russia

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The American leader on the double issue of sanctions against India for the purchase of S-400. U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee member Young has called on the Biden administration to be exempted. US warns against buying weapons from Russia, under KATSA ban may be imposed on Washington
The United States has repeatedly threatened to ban India from purchasing the S-400 missile system from Russia. US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin also said during his visit to India that our friends should avoid buying weapons from Russia. On the other hand, US lawmakers are torn over the issue of India’s ban. Republican Leader Todd Young has said it would be a geopolitical victory for Russia if India is banned under the Anti-American Advertising Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

America will be weak due to India ban
Young, a member of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, wrote in the foreign policy magazine that if US President Joe Biden’s administration imposed sanctions on India, it would undermine two strategic fronts at critical times – this would undermine America’s relations with India. also affect the ability of QUAD to deal with China.

Democratic leader pleads for India’s ban
Young said on Monday that Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, had said in recent weeks that India should be warned of a ban under Section 231 of KATSA if India does. directs towards the purchase of a Russian missile system. Explain that the United States is proclaiming sanctions under this section on facilities working for or on behalf of the Russian defense or intelligence sectors.

US MP said – India will not stop with the ban
Young wrote that the US embargo decision would not prevent India from purchasing the S-400 missile system. Given India’s historical skepticism of international cooperation and its long-standing relationship with Russia, all restrictions, including those of the Non-Aligned Movement, will be exaggerated and exploited in India by the people suspected of deep ties to the West.

The relations between India and Russia are very old, we have to understand the will of the American admiral on the agreement of the S-400 missile system
India called for exemption from KATSA
He wrote that in addition, Russia could use the sanctions to resume its role as India’s military partner. After that, the irony will be that banning India with a Russian-made defense system actually turns out to be Moscow’s geopolitical victory. He called on the Biden administration to exempt India from CAATSA, saying that by granting the exemption and allowing India to buy Russian weapons, the Biden administration could make it clear that China is the main geopolitical threat. for the United States.

The US admiral also asked not to impose sanctions on India
Just a few days ago, Admiral John Aquilino, who will become head of the Indo-Pacific command of the US military, denounced Indo-Russian relations to the US Congress. He said the United States should understand that India has a long standing relationship with Russia for security cooperation and military equipment. He also urged not to place restrictions on the purchase of India’s S-400 missile system from Russia.

Will America ban India from buying an S-400 missile system? Learn the attitude of the Biden administration
What did the American admiral say?
US Senator Jean Shaheen wondered if we should ban India if he buys the S-400? In response, Admiral John Aquilino said he would try to drive India out of Russia instead of resorting to sanctions to buy weapons. Aquilino has said that I think I will leave that decision to the policy makers. I think we need to understand where we are with India and I think the decision to come up with alternatives is much better.

What is the S-400 defense system
It is an air defense missile system that can bring down enemy planes from the sky. The S-400 is considered Russia’s most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile defense system. It is capable of firing enemy cruise missiles, aircraft and ballistic missiles. The system is an improved version of Russia’s S-300 itself. This missile system was designed by Almaz-Ante, which has been in service in Russia since 2007. It is capable of doing 36 rounds in a single round.

S-400 India: Russia will give India ‘Brahmastra’ S-400 this year, Indian soldiers start training
Russia published in April 2007
On April 28, 2007, Russia deployed this system to reach 400 kilometers. It is the most advanced air defense system of the present day. Israel’s and America’s missile defense system is also strong, experts say, but they have long-range missiles. Instead, Russia has a powerful short-range missile defense system. It is capable of killing planes, which puts India at risk of attack.

Russia makes S-400 defense system deadlier
Russia has started making its S-400 and S-300 missile systems deadlier. In this system, Russia will add several new types of missiles that can shoot down any enemy missile. This weapon from Russia is considered the best in the world in its class. According to reports from the Russian Sputnik news agency, the Russian Defense Ministry plans to equip the stockpile of the S-300 and S-400 with a variety of missiles to increase the long-range strike capability and provide a very precise close range defense. Is approved. According to the Russian military, this change in launching platform will allow the missiles used to be switched quickly depending on the situation.

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