US Sanctions Against Iran: US May Seize Corona Vaccine Money From Iran Fearing President Rohani – We Can Seize Iranian Covid Vaccine Payments, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Attacks Doland Trump

Iran, which is battling US sanctions, is now starting to fear seizure of money from its Corona vaccine. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has expressed concern that the United States is preparing to confiscate all the money in his country’s vaccine. He claimed that the US administration said any money transferred from Iran to purchase the vaccine would have to go through US banks first.

Iranian President Fears Persecution
At a meeting of the Iranian Corona Virus Working Group, Rouhani said that we want to transfer money for the corona vaccine from countries where our money is present. However, he did not name the country from which Iran wants to transfer money for the vaccine. He also said that this country has no problem with this.

Iran can’t trust America
Rouhani claimed that the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control previously said it had no problem transferring the money for the vaccine. But now his attitude has changed. They say we must first transfer the money to buy the vaccine from a US bank. He targeted America and said who can trust you, who grabbed our money everywhere.

Iran to increase military strength with Russia, refuses to succumb to US sanctions
America has imposed numerous sanctions on Iran since 2018
The United States unilaterally broke the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran in 2018. Not only that, the Trump administration also imposed a number of sanctions on Iran after breaking the deal. As a result all of Iran’s assets, money and creditors were banned in America. Not only that, the United States had also forced the countries of its influence to seize the money from Iran.

Fearing US-Israeli attack, Iran deploys missiles at nuclear base
Corona wreaked havoc in Iran
Among the countries of the Middle East, the Corona virus has caused the most havoc in Iran. According to WorldMeter data, more than 1.2 million cases of the corona virus have been reported so far in Iran. However, 54,693 people also died from infection. However, many countries, including the United States, have also accused Iran of hiding the true numbers of the corona infection.

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