US Secretary General of Defense Lloyd Austin: Joe Biden chooses retired General Lloyd Austin: Black US Prime Minister of Defense: report – Joe Biden selected retired General Lloyd Austin as US Secretary to Defense to lead the Pentagon

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The new President of the United States, Joe Biden, has chosen General Lloyd Austin, retired from the military, as Minister of Defense. He is the first black in the country to be appointed Minister of Defense. Lloyd is the first four-star general to be a mainstay of the war. Washington to take over as Pentagon defense minister
Newly elected United States President Joe Biden has selected retired Army General Lloyd Austin as the country’s new defense minister. This has been asserted in US media reports. If Lloyd’s appointment is announced, he will be the first black person in the country to be appointed Minister of Defense. General Lloyd is the first four-star general who, after building up endurance on the battlefield, will now serve as the Pentagon’s defense minister.

According to the US news site Politico, General Lloyd was the first black general to lead a division of the army on the battlefield. Those involved in the whole affair said General Lloyd’s appointment was announced on Tuesday morning. General Austin, who retired from the U.S. Army Central Command in 2016, has been seen as a strong candidate for defense minister lately.

Biden trusts General Austin
Previously, a former aide to former President Barack Obama was chosen for this, but then fell behind in the race. In recent weeks, pressure on Biden has intensified to make a black man the country’s defense minister. Commenting on the appointment, Benny Thomson, a colleague of Biden, said the general is from the south of the country and his military career has been excellent. General Austin is ideal for the post of Minister of Defense.

One person associated with this whole affair said Biden chose General Austin because he had always proven himself to be perfect in times of crisis. He also has a lot of respect in the military. Biden also trusts General Austin as the two worked together while he was vice president. Biden and Austin worked together during the Iraqi crisis. Austin was the last American general to command in Iraq.

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