US seizes Iranian website: US seizes “Iranian propaganda” 36 major websites, including Press TV, are seized

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Newly elected Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi received a heavy blow from the United States America seized three dozen Iranian websites carrying “propaganda”, these websites include the official Iranian media website in English Washington Press TV
The United States has dealt a heavy blow to new Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. The US Department of Justice and Commerce seized more than three dozen Iranian websites containing “propaganda”. These websites include the English-language website of Iranian state media Press TV, the Yemen Houthi rebels’ Al-Masirah satellite news channel, and the official Arabic-language Iranian TV channel Al-Alam.

An alert comes from the US government when visiting these websites. This notice indicates that the action against the website is part of the law enforcement action. The US government also seized the domain name of the Palestine TV news site. This website featured the ideology of Hamas and Islamic Jihad operating in Gaza. The same notice is coming to this website as well.

“I was leading a worldwide propaganda campaign”
Last year, the US Department of Justice announced that it had shut down nearly 100 websites of powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The United States has said that these websites describe themselves as original news websites, but in reality they are running a “global propaganda campaign.” Their goal is to influence US policies and spread Iranian propaganda around the world.

The United States took this step just days after Iranian President Ibrahim took office. Raisi is known for his stance against the West. Raisi’s election is seen as a major setback in Iran’s return to the nuclear deal. Then-US President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2017. After that, relations between Iran and America continued to deteriorate.

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