US shot down ICBM in space: US military hit first ballistic missile shot down in space – US warship first shot down intercontinental ballistic missile in space in off hawaii

Strong points:

The US Missile Defense Agency shot down a missile in space for the first time. This ICBM was destroyed by an interceptor missile fired from a warship before a target ICBM was released from the Marshall Islands, USA.
The United States Missile Defense Agency for the first time successfully launched an intercontinental missile into space with an interceptor missile amid growing threats from China and North Korea. This interceptor missile was fired from a warship. Previously, a target ICBM had been released from the Marshall Islands. This missile was destroyed by an interceptor missile fired from an American warship.

The United States used to destroy offensive missiles with ground launchers deployed in Alaska and California until now. It is said that an SM-3 Block IIA missile fired from the United States Navy guided missile destroyer USS John Finn destroyed the ICBM in space itself. This test was carried out on the coast of Hawaii.

‘Destroys the missile outside the earth’s atmosphere’
The US military performed the test on November 16. Vice Admiral John Hill informed of this test. The SM-3 Block IIA missile is jointly built by the American company Raytheon and the Japanese Mitsubisi. Rethian said this missile destroyed the invasion missile outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Hill said the test will further strengthen America’s ability against ICBMs.

Hill said the Department of Defense is exploring the possibility of further strengthening the missile defense system on the ground by installing additional sensors and weapon systems. Let us know that the United States tested the intercontinental missile at a time when North Korea recently demonstrated its missile hitting the United States to the world. Not only that, China has also tested its killer missiles recently.

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