US Snowfall: US Bad Weather Before Christmas, Heavy Snowfall Hurts People – Heavy US Snowfall and Biggest Storm in Several Years, Updates American winter weather

Just a week before Christmas, heavy snowfall wreaked havoc in the United States. This snowfall created a mountain of problems for America struggling with Corona. Vaccination operations will likely be affected due to heavy snowfall in many areas. It is said that there has been heavy snowfall from northern Virginia to New York. In many places, a layer of ice one meter thick has been laid. Meteorologists predict more snowfall in the coming days.

Snowfall had a bad effect on the corona vaccination program

The Kovid-19 test centers are also facing operational difficulties due to snowfall. Officials believe that despite the cold, the vaccination campaign launched on Monday for health workers from the forward front will no longer be affected. 30 lakh doses of the vaccine will be administered to advanced front-line personnel and health workers associated with retirement homes.

America is busy dealing with snowfall before Christmas

U.S. Health and Human Services Minister Alex Azar said on Wednesday the government was closely monitoring the immunization system and all arrangements had been made to deal with the storm and snowfall. He told Fox News Channel that FedEx was engaged in delivering the shipment. They know how to deal with snowfall and inclement weather. We also support and monitor.

Trucks carrying vaccines in the storm also benefit from an exemption

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he would advise people to wear masks to protect themselves and others. Murphy said the Kovid-19 vaccine would be delivered to 35 New Jersey hospitals within the next two or three days. His government is busy organizing this. Trucks tasked with delivering the vaccine are also exempt from storm-related restrictions on highway travel.

The weather service forecast heavy snowfall

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the vaccine had been delivered to around 90 hospitals. Meanwhile, the National Weather Service said there could be heavy snowfall in the northeastern mid-Atlantic region. Snowfall is also expected in the New York area and southern New England. Thousands of homes were struck by lightning in Virginia on Wednesday.

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