US soldiers killed in Afghanistan lost $ 816 billion, Americans return to Bagram air base

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The withdrawal of US troops from war-torn Afghanistan hit a critical level on Friday, with senior officials confirming that all US forces have left the sprawling Bagram Air Base, the US military base used to wage the war in Afghanistan for 20 years Kabul
The withdrawal of US troops from war-torn Afghanistan hit a critical level on Friday. Senior officials have confirmed that all US forces have left Vishal Bagram Air Base. Bagram has been the main US military base used to wage war in Afghanistan for almost 20 years. Meanwhile, with the withdrawal of US troops, the Taliban have stepped up the horrific attacks. Taliban fighters have now started to block important roads leading to the capital, Kabul.

The inexplicable departure of the US military from Bagram is the most important evidence to date that America’s longest war is finally over. Until Friday, it was in the hands of Afghan security forces. However, this does not mean that the withdrawal of American troops is complete. Officials stressed that the top US commander in Afghanistan, Army General Scott Miller, “still retains all the capabilities and authority necessary to defend the forces in the country.”
America Left Bagram Air Base After 20 Years Without Notifying, Afghans Looted
Taliban applaud Bagram handover
The report says the US military has not said when the last US troops will pack up and return from Afghanistan, with much work still unfinished. The Taliban have welcomed the news of Bagram’s handover, spokesman Suhail Shaheen told CBS News on Friday: “We hope there will be no more foreign troops on our soil.” Bagram Airfield was the center of US military might in Afghanistan, a sprawling mini-city behind fences and explosion-proof walls just an hour’s drive north of Kabul.

It initially symbolized the American campaign to avenge the 9/11 attacks, then its struggle through the ensuing war with the Taliban. However, in a few days, the last American soldiers will have left Bagram. The report says they are leaving behind what likely everyone associated with the base, whether American or Afghan, considers a strained legacy. U.S. Central Command said more than 50 percent of Bagram’s packing was done last week, and the rest of the packing is happening quickly.

America lost 2,312 lives, $ 816 billion
U.S. officials have said the full withdrawal of U.S. troops will likely be completely completed by July 4. Afghan forces would then capture Bagram as part of their continued fight against the Taliban. Many in the country fear a new explosion of anarchy. The report says that as the date of the US troop withdrawal approaches, thousands of Afghan translators are worried that they have yet to be accepted for special immigration visas (SIVs) to the United States.

18,000 translators and interpreters continue to fear deadly Taliban attacks and have fled their homes over the past 20 years because of their support for the US government. According to the Department of Defense, the US military has lost 2,312 lives and $ 816 billion in damage.

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