US Soldiers’ Memory Card Apps: US Soldiers in Europe Uncover Nuclear Weapon Secrets Through Memory Card Apps

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The secrecy of US nuclear weapons stationed in Europe is now in danger US soldiers deployed to protect nuclear bombs have created flash maps on popular websites, in which they indicate the exact location and protocol of nuclear weapons that have become publicWashington / Berlin
The secrecy of American nuclear weapons stationed in Europe is now in danger. Soldiers guarding US atomic bombs created flashcards on popular websites used for memorization. They put in there the exact locations of the nuclear weapons and the top secret security protocols that have now become public.

The Bellingcat investigation site revealed this huge mistake by American soldiers. US soldiers created digital flash cards on the Chegg Prep, Quizlet, and Kram websites to show up to shelters at various locations. In it, he also entered the details of the locations of the nuclear bombs, the schedules of the security protocols and the identification number.

“5 of the atomic bombs are hot and the other 6 cold”
America has six nuclear facilities in Europe, and a Bellingcat reporter found flashcards of American soldiers after a very simple online search. Atomic bombs are kept on these bases. They discovered that there were 70 flash cards on the Chegg website. It was named the study. It contained comprehensive information on the shelters built at Wolkel Air Base in the Netherlands. Atomic bombs have been placed inside these shelters.

A flash card asked the question: How many nuclear bombs are there in Wolkel’s hideout? In response, it was said 11. Another card said that out of 11 nuclear bombs, 5 are “hot” and the other 6 are “cold”. Among other flashcards, information was given on Aviano Air Base in Italy, US nuclear bases in Turkey, Belgium and Germany. Confidential information such as security cameras has also been leaked inside some cards. There was a row after this revelation from Bellingcat.

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