US Space Force: Keeping America’s Eyes on Enemy Satellites for 24 Hours in Space, Superpower Space Telescope – US Space Force Telescopes to Monitor Hostile Satellite Activity for 24 Hours in Space

The US Space Force is continually increasing its strength in the face of the growing threat from Russia and China in space. Now this space force has such a machine, with the help of which the activities of enemy satellites can be tracked thousands of kilometers away. Yes, America has developed a powerful ground-based space telescope, which will be primarily active at night. With the help of this telescope, a distance of 35,000 kilometers can be monitored. In fact, enemy satellites in space have collided with US satellites on several occasions. Apart from that, there is a great danger that enemy intelligence satellites could steal their data by connecting them to US satellites. Last year, a report claimed that a Russian satellite stole a number of important data by connecting it to American satellites in space, but this could not be officially confirmed. After which, the United States will activate the surveillance system of ground telescopes to protect their satellites. Not only that, this telescope can also warn anti-satellite weapons of enemies coming towards US satellites.

This telescope can monitor 35,000 kilometers

US Space is donating this telescope and a technology called Numerica to the Space Force. It is a start-up based in Colorado, USA, which already operates various ground-based telescopes. As reported by Space News, the startup signed a $ 3 million contract with the US Air Force to build the telescope. The company won $ 750,000 as a Small Business Innovation Research Award at the 2019 US Air Force Pitch Day event. At this event, the company shared important information to create a telescope for the US Air Force and to bolster space technology. Todd Brost, director of special projects at Numerica, confirmed that one of the six new daytime telescopes has been installed in Colorado, while the others have been installed in Australia and Spain. In fact, sunlight during the day makes it difficult to see objects in space using binoculars. Traditionally, larger and more expensive telescopes are needed to dazzle space during the day. Numerica was a pioneer in the development of telescopes to provide daily commercial satellite tracking services. This company tracks things in space in real time not only at night but also during the day.

America is troubled by Russia’s growing power in space

America is troubled by the growing power of Russia in space. This is the reason why Airforce joined forces with this start-up. The company says its telescopes use high-speed short-wave infrared cameras, custom optics and advanced algorithms to observe satellites orbiting Earth. The company claims that these telescopes are not only increasingly self-sufficient, but also cheaper to operate. The director of the Brost company said that the biggest interest of the government is to keep the technology advanced for a long time. So that you know that there is no conspiracy against you in space. The ability to keep an eye on space at all times can become a huge force for the US military. It becomes even more important when Russia tested two anti-satellite weapons in orbit last year. There are other examples of unusual activity related to Russian satellites, including so-called interceptor satellites. These satellites can hijack or hack any other satellite. Last year, the U.S. military raised concerns over a Russian interceptor satellite that appeared to be connected to U.S. KH-11 spy satellites.

Russia creates new satellite from satellite in space

Newly established U.S. military high command General John ‘Jay’ Raymond told TIME magazine that U.S. intelligence experts have been monitoring Russian satellites Cosmos 2542 and 2543 for several months. He is watching it because it was only a satellite and it was released into space on November 26, 2019 using a Soyuz rocket. General Jai said that 11 days after the launch, the satellite was split in two and gave birth to a new satellite. According to sources, the US military has not been happy with this satellite since then. In mid-January of this year, the two Russian satellites arrived at the US military’s most powerful spy satellite, the KH-11. It is not yet known whether the Russian satellite was threatening or monitoring the American. Seeing these two Russian satellites, America was born. After that, the United States diplomatically opposed Russia, then the Russian satellite moved away from the American satellite and began to circle the Earth.

America has the most wanted satellite

The United States has one of the most wanted satellites in the world, collecting spy information and spying on countries around the world. If they were destroyed by any one of China or Russia, then America would have to fight like blind man in war because it would have a hard time getting intelligence information.

India also has the ability to kill in space

India also surprised the world by successfully testing anti-satellite missiles in March 2019. The Indian missile destroyed a sleeping satellite in Earth’s lower Earth orbit within three minutes of launch. In fact, an anti-satellite weapon is a weapon designed to neutralize or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes of any country. Until now, no such weapon has been used in any war. However, many countries consider these missile systems to be necessary to demonstrate their capabilities in space and to continue their space program at an uninterrupted pace. At present, the four countries of the world, America, Russia, China and India, only have this capacity.

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