US spy plane comes closest to Chinese territory in South China Sea in middle of Taiwan

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The US Air Force sent its closest spy plane to the Chinese border, the spy plane passed just 25 nautical miles from the Chinese border on Tuesday.
Amid continuing tensions over Taiwan, the US Air Force has so far sent its RC-135U spy plane closest to the Chinese border in the South China Sea. The US spy plane passed just 25 nautical miles from the Chinese border on Tuesday. The United States has significantly stepped up its patrols in the northern South China Sea, which connects the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea.

According to the Chinese think tank SCSPI, which monitors the South China Sea, the US Air Force’s RC-135U spy plane has flown the shortest distance off China’s coast. The American plane was targeted by the Chinese city of Shantou, located in the province of Guangdong, near the Taiwan Strait. In addition, a US Navy P-8A surveillance aircraft and an EP-3E Eris electronic surveillance aircraft were also patrolling the North-South China Sea.
Taiwan ready for war with China! Fired a missile with a precision attack of up to 400 km
Ability to locate airborne naval radar signals
The United States has been sending its spy planes to the South China Sea daily for the past year. The US Air Force has two specialized spy planes that have the ability to search the ground of foreign forces and locate naval and air raid signals. With the help of these planes, the US military can get a lot of information about the Chinese army PLA radar equipment.

The PLA airfield is located in the town of Shantou. Previously, Taiwan had warned that China was preparing to attack and besiege it. To do this, China is deploying long-range missiles so that foreign forces cannot help it in the face of war. The Taiwan Defense Ministry said China is waging psychological warfare to reduce people’s trust in the Taiwan military.

“ China adopts a gray zone war strategy ”
In a review every 4 years, Taiwan’s defense ministry warned that China was adopting a “gray zone war” strategy to subdue Taipei. China is trying to tilt Taiwan down by maneuvering the Taiwan Strait and violating airspace. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said China is constantly modernizing its military and increasing its war capacity.

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