US Sudan relations: Sudan gets reward for friendship with Israel, US removed from terrorist list – US removes Sudan from list of terrorist sponsoring states, Mike Pompeo signed notification

The United States has removed the African country of Sudan from the list of state sponsored terrorists, which has brought tremendous relief. It is believed that America gave this gift to Sudan in exchange for political recognition to Israel. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed this notification on Monday and legally recognized it.

US ban on Sudan ended as of today
The U.S. Embassy in Sudan’s capital Khartoum said the 45-day period for notifications from the U.S. Congress has ended and the Foreign Secretary has signed it. This order came into effect from today. It must now be published in the Federal Register. Let us know that Sudan was included in this list by the United States in 1993.

Reward for friendship with Israel
In October itself, Sudan announced a resumption of diplomatic relations with Israel. The agreement would be the main hand of US President Donald Trump in its implementation. Previously, due to Trump’s mediation, the UAE and Bahrain also established diplomatic relations with Israel. It is said that because of this friendship, America has given Sudan this great relief.

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Sudan is heading for peace
The interim government of Sudan signed a peace accord with several terrorist groups last month to end the civil war that has lasted for years and has killed millions of people in the country. In this regard, US President Donald Trump announced that Washington would remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

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These countries are included in the list of state terrorism
The US state sponsored terrorism list includes Iran, North Korea and Syria. America has an old enmity with Iran. The United States has declared the Iranian military a terrorist organization. While the craze for Kim Jong Un in North Korea, these countries are also included in the list of state terrorism. At the same time, Syria, which is grappling with terror from ISIS, still remains on this list due to its proximity to Russia. President Basar al-Assad is a big supporter of Russia, while the United States left with the Kurdish fighters who were friends in Syria.

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