US supersonic main plane: US president’s new supersonic plane will be the palace flying in the air, see interior pictures for the first time – US supersonic primary jet interior photos first time new air force an exclusive look

The US Airforce is working with a startup to upgrade the official plane of US President Airforce One to a supersonic plane. Last year, it was reported that the US Air Force had linked up with Hermius, an aviation startup based in Georgia. The company will develop supersonic aircraft engines for US presidential jets. CNN Travel has posted some internal photos of the Low Boom Supersonic Mac 1.8 Twinjet made by Exolonic. In which the beautiful interior of the aircraft is shown. This aircraft will be smaller than the current Airforce One but it will have a much higher speed. The project is funded by the Presidential and Executive Air Transport Directorate of the US Air Force. The same department also oversees the presidential plane. The interior of this executive transport aircraft designed for US visitors to VVIP looks utterly stunning in the photos. It is built on the Exosonic 70-passenger commercial aircraft concept. In which a total of 31 people will be able to travel with the US President.

America’s new Airforce One will be a palace flying in the air

To make the interior of this plane beautiful and comfortable, luxury leather, oak wood, quartz fittings, private suites are available for working and relaxing. It has been fitted with ultra luxurious armchairs. This vessel will be used at the convenience of the President. However, according to preliminary information received, it is initially planned to use this aircraft as Air Force Two. The device of the vice president of the air force in America is called. Stepsonie Chahan, senior interior designer for Exosonic aircraft, said we are using new technology in our already planned planning that is not publicly available or that you do not see on any commercial aircraft at the present time. The first of the two private suites built there can also be transformed into a meeting room for three people. It will also have the secure videoconferencing function. So that the president or vice president traveling on that plane can do their job, online or speaking to the media.


Can travel up to 9,260 km at a time

The second suite built in this aircraft can accommodate 8 people. It also has flat seats, adjustable table, so that senior officers working on the plane have no problem in their work. The aircraft also has two galleries, two toilets and storage space, with 20 business class seats in the main cabin. According to the design of the modern aircraft, the seats on this aircraft do not have a monitor in the back, but instead have a separate space for personal electronic gadgets. The designers said the aircraft was designed around the mission and value of the US executive branch. This aircraft can fly up to 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 kilometers) at a time. Moreover, thanks to the arrow shaft technology, it can fly at twice the speed of sound without disturbing those on earth.


The new plane will complete the 7-hour journey in 90 minutes

If Air Force One is equipped with a supersonic engine, then the American president can reach London from New York in just 90 minutes at a speed of Mach 5. It currently takes 7 hours to travel this distance. This start-up presented the Mach 5 aircraft engine to the Air Force. After which he received funds from the government. This supersonic engine is based on a combined turbojet design that merges both a normal turbojet and a ramjet into one engine. A normal turbofan motor draws air from the front and pushes back the pressure. Due to the power gained by this engine, the aircraft is able to fly at subsonic speed. While ramjets are mainly used in missiles.


What is unique about the current Airforce One

The current US Air Force One aircraft is one of two specially designed Boeing 747-200B series aircraft. This aircraft is always ready to fly within minutes of notice. Even after being on the plane, the US president can stay connected with anyone and in the event of an attack on the US, the plane can be used as a mobile command center. Trump’s Air Force One planes never fly alone. Some cargo planes are always in front of him, through which the trump does not miss anything even in the remote location. If seen, these cargo planes also serve to protect the President’s Airforce One. Airforce One can fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet at a speed of 1,013 kilometers per hour. This aircraft can travel 6,800 miles at a time. The aircraft can fly up to a maximum height of 45,100 feet. The flight costs $ 1.81,000 (approximately Rs. 1 crore 30 lakh) per hour during the flight.

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