US supports Indian farm laws: Kisan Andolan: Modi government joins US amid strong opposition to peasant movement – we seem to support Indian farm laws as protests say they will improve efficiency of Indian markets

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The Modi government at all levels comes to terms with the United States on the farmer movement. The US Department of External Affairs has indicated that the Biden administration supports the Indian government’s decision, saying it will attract private investment and reach farmers’ markets in Washington.
India’s Narendra Modi government, surrounded by the farmers’ movement, appears to be reaching agreement with the United States on farm laws. The US State Department has indicated that the Biden administration supports the Indian government’s decision to reform the agricultural sector, which will attract private investment and allow farmers to access larger markets. However, the United States has also said that peaceful protests are the hallmark of any successful democracy.

The United States said on Wednesday that it welcomed efforts that would improve the efficiency of India’s markets and attract private sector investment. A spokesperson for the Department of External Affairs said, “The United States welcomes measures that will improve the efficiency of Indian markets and attract private sector companies for investment.” In response to a question on the performance of working farmers in India, the Department of External Affairs said the United States favors the resolution of disputes between the two sides through dialogue.
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“ A peaceful protest identifies any successful democracy ”
The spokesperson said: “We believe peaceful protests are the hallmark of successful democracy and the Supreme Court of India has said the same.” India’s foreign ministry on Wednesday raised strong objections to the international response to farmers’ performance. India had said that the Indian Parliament had passed a “reformist law” to which “a very small part of the peasants” objected and that the law had been suspended until the end of negotiations. Meanwhile, many US lawmakers have supported Indian farmers.

MP Haley Stevens said: “I am concerned about the news of action against protesters who are peacefully demonstrating against new farm laws in India.” In a statement, he encouraged representatives of the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the protesting farmers to have a positive dialogue. Another MP Ilhan Omar also showed his solidarity with the protesting farmers. Referring to the performance of farmers, Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, said the world’s largest democracy is still at risk.
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The International Monetary Fund has backed India’s new farm law
Gurinder Singh Khalsa, chairman of the Sikh Political Action Committee, said in a separate statement that “the historic peasant movement is going to be the greatest revolution against the capitalist system of Indian government”. The International Monetary Fund also recently said that India’s new farm law has the potential to take “remarkable steps” to reform the agricultural sector. India’s foreign ministry said the facts needed to be investigated before rushing to comment on the protests.

“The urge to sensationalize hashtags and comments on social media, especially by celebrities and the like, is neither correct nor responsible,” the foreign ministry said in its statement. The statement said: “We want to stress that these protests must be seen in the context of democratic ethics and politics in India and the government’s efforts to break the deadlock of the peasant groups concerned.”
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Thousands of farmers gathered at different borders of Delhi
Explain that thousands of farmers are stranded on different borders from Delhi over the repeal of agricultural laws, giving a legal guarantee on the minimum support price for crops and two other issues. The Indian government has introduced the three laws which came into effect in September this year as a major reform of the agricultural sector. He says that with the introduction of these laws, the intermediary role will end and farmers will be able to sell their products anywhere in the country. On the other hand, protesting farmer organizations say these laws will remove protection from the MSP and the mandis will also be dismantled and agriculture will go into the hands of large corporate groups.

America supports agricultural law reform in India

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