US Tech Firms Say Russia’s Involvement in Joe Biden Cyberattack Will Take Action: Microsoft President Says Russia Is Participating In US Cyberattack

Big global tech companies claim that a month-long cyber intrusion into government and corporate networks was so complex, focused and time consuming that only a country could be behind. These companies claim that all the evidence points to Russia. At the U.S. Parliament (Congress) first hearing on the cyber intrusion, representatives of tech companies said the intrusion was specific, ambitious and widespread.

Microsof said no such intrusive intrusion has been observed before
The cyber intruders secretly targeted emails and documents of particular importance to the United States and other countries. Microsoft President Brad Smith told the Senate Intelligence Committee that we have never seen this level of complexity creep in before. Smith said investigators said at least 1,000 highly trained engineers were needed to prepare the code for the intrusion.

Indications of the presence of the Russian foreign intelligence agency
With the help of this code, Texas-based Solar Winds made extensive use of infiltrated network software and sent malware around the world, he said. We have seen enough evidence to indicate that the Russian foreign intelligence agency is present. We did not find any evidence pointing to another direction.

Biden plans to punish Russia
U.S. national security officials also said Russia was suspected of being involved in the cyber intrusion. President Joe Biden plans to take action to punish Russia. At the same time, these allegations were denied by Moscow. Officials say the purpose of the cyber intrusion was to collect confidential information.

Nine governments and 100 private companies have been attacked
At least nine government agencies and around 100 private companies were victims of the intrusion, but they were not told what information was stolen. White House press secretary Jane Saki said on Tuesday that it would take weeks, not weeks, for the United States to act on Russia.

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