US-trained Saudi Jamal Khashoggi squad: Jamal Khashoggi’s killer, Saudi operatives received paramilitary training in the US, trapped Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Strong points:

4 Saudi assassins of journalist Jamal Khashoggi received military training inside the United States, not only was this military training approved by the US State Department itself, but this Saudi secret unit was prepared on the orders from Mohammed Salman
Four Saudi assassins of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a staunch opponent of Saudi Prince Mohammed Salman, received military training in the United States. Not only that, this training has been approved by the US State Department itself. The American newspaper New York Times disclosed this, citing documents and people associated with it. This Saudi secret unit was prepared on the orders of Mohammed Salman to suppress opposition in the country.

This secret squad was formed by Tier 1 Group, a security company based in Arkansas, USA. The owner of this company was the privately held Cerberus Capital Management. The company said the training included “safe shooting” and “reaction to attacks.” It was defensive in itself and aimed to provide better security to the Saudi leadership. One person associated with all of this training said that the Saudi Secret Squad also learned to monitor and wage face-to-face wars.

Saudi Arabia’s royal soldiers first train in 2014
There is as yet no evidence that US officials who sanctioned the squad knew the team would be used to allay discontent in Saudi Arabia. However, it also revealed how closely the Khashoggi killers were linked to the United States and had been trained. It also shows how involved America is in the dictatorial government of Saudi Arabia and there is no oversight on their return.

The New York Times said such cases will continue to occur as U.S. private military contractors look to foreign clients to expand their businesses. America has now removed these private entrepreneurs from overseas tours, which now allows them to expand their business. In 2014, the US State Department first approved the training of Royal Saudi Arabian soldiers with the Level 1 group. This training continued until the 4 years of Trump’s reign.

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