US trident missile test: Trident video: US tests missile, could strike China-Russia – Ballistic missile test launched by US trident submarine took place over Atlantic Sea Watch video

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The United States tested the Trident-2 submarine missile, a Trident missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons, which can reach 8,000 kilometers.
The United States has successfully tested its Trident-2 submarine missile in the Atlantic Ocean amid continuing tensions with Russia and China. A missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons can reach 8,000 kilometers. The Trident missile is said to have been fired off Florida and landed off Ascension Island near Africa.

During this time, the missile covered a distance of about 8,200 km. It was evening in Florida when the missile was launched and people thought the comet was leaving the smoke. The United States conducted this test at a time when its tensions with Russia and China increased. According to defense experts, this missile test was crucial in testing the ability of the United States and Britain to retaliate after the enemy attack.

America deploys a thousand nuclear weapons on submarines
It is not yet known which submarine was pulled from the United States or the United Kingdom. The United States has often tested its missiles in the Pacific Ocean. However, recently France also tested one of its missiles in the Atlantic Ocean. Earlier in 2016, this missile was tested by the British Navy, but without success.

Trident-2 is one of America’s most dangerous missiles. This submarine-fired missile is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. According to experts, the United States conducts a test of this missile every year. The United States had previously warned against missile testing. The US Navy has deployed a thousand nuclear weapons on its submarines.

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