US troops attacked in Iraq: rocket attack on US soldiers airbase once again in Iraq – US troops at Iraqi base rocket attacked

Seven rockets targeted the Iraqi air base in Baghdad on Monday. American soldiers lived here. For several days, attacks have been carried out on American bases, for which Washington has blamed groups associated with Iran. According to a security official, no one was injured and no one was injured in the attack on al-Balad that evening.

Five rockets were also fired at a nearby village. According to the official, all the rockets were fired from the village in Diyala province. No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. US targets have been targeted several times in recent weeks. On March 3, an American contractor was killed in an attack on the Ain al-Assad air base.

Earlier, the United States blew up a border depot in Syria. The Pentagon claimed the depot was used by Iranian militants backed by Iran. Joe Biden called the attack a warning to Iran.

At the same time, on February 22, three rockets were fired at the American embassy in the green high-security zone of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. One of them fell inside the green zone, but the other two fell in a nearby residential area. It was the third attack on a Western diplomatic, military or commercial base in a week in Iraq after several months of peace.

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