US Trump Unemployment Benefits: Donald Trump Not Signed, Unemployment Benefits For Millions Of Americans Stuck – Donald Trump Refuses To Sign Covid Relief Bill Millions of Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits

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US President Donald Trump refused to sign Kovid’s year-end relief and spending bill. As a result, unemployment benefits for millions of Americans struggling with their daily needs ceased as of midnight Saturday. We thought he would sign it but suddenly he started to oppose it.

Trump had refused to sign the bilateral package, demanding a higher amount of relief from Kovid and raising other questions in this regard. In this situation, there is also a risk that the federal government will stop functioning Tuesday night from twelve to one minute. After assuring Republican members of the White House that Trump would sign the bill, it was approved by both houses of parliament.

However, after changing the vibe of the trump, it got stuck in the balance again. The bill offers a $ 600 payment provision for most Americans, but Trump said he would ask Parliament to change it and “ bring the extremely small amount of $ 600 for a couple to 2,000 or 4,000. dollars. . He said: “I also call on Parliament to remove unnecessary elements from this bill and send me an appropriate bill.”

Trump said in a video tweeted Tuesday night that the bill talks about giving too much money to foreigners, but does not provide adequate funding for Americans. Newly elected President Joe Biden asked Trump to sign the bill immediately. “Due to President Trump’s refusal to sign the Economic Relief Bill, millions of people no longer know whether their basic needs will be met or not,” Biden said. He accused Trump of ‘not taking responsibility’ and said the results were ‘disastrous’.

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