US viral news: Twin sisters meet after 36 in US: Twin sisters found in America after 36

It may sound like a story from a movie, but it was true of the lives of Molly Sinert and Emily Bushnell. Twin sisters born in South Korea were adopted by different families. Their lives were drifting apart and they weren’t even aware of each other. Now after 36 years, when they both saw each other, their happiness was no longer there.

DNA test at the request of her daughter
Both sisters were adopted by American families. Molly arrived in Florida and Emily arrived in Pennsylvania. Their lives were going on separately, but Emily’s 11-year-old daughter Ijabel needed to know her mother’s family. Izabel said on the “ Good Morning America ” show that she wanted a DNA test because her mother was adopted and wanted to know her family. At the same time, Molly herself also wanted to undergo a DNA test.

And i have two sisters
Molly said that when she found Ijbel with 49.96% DNA match, she realized she was her twin sister’s daughter. Molly and Emily talk to each other and decide to meet. Emily says she didn’t want to take the DNA test before, but now that she’s found out she has a twin sister, she’s pretty happy.

By the way, both wore a dress to their prom, the hairstyle was also the same and the necklace too. The two are not sure yet but they are very happy to meet again.

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