US vs. Taliban: US General warns Taliban to now control about half of Afghan countryside

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Taliban Steps Up Blood Game After US Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan
The Taliban have stepped up the bloody game after US forces withdrew from Afghanistan. A senior US general admitted that the Taliban now controls a total of 212, or half of Afghanistan’s 419 district centers. Given this, the rebels appear to have gained strategic power since the withdrawal of US troops. He said the Taliban now wanted to cut off the populated areas of the country from the Afghan government.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Pentagon on Wednesday: “It seems that the Taliban have acquired strategic power. Milley said we’re going to find out what level of violence is happening there. Is it likely to increase or is it the same situation as before. Whether the outcome of the talks is still there, the possibility of a Taliban takeover (and) or the possibility of some other scenario. ‘ He has always expressed confidence in the ability of Afghan forces to prevent a takeover of the country by the Taliban.

None of the country’s 34 provincial capitals are occupied
“The two most important fighting factors are, in fact, will and leadership,” he said. It will now be a test of the will and leadership of the Afghan people, the Afghan security forces and the Afghan government. “I don’t think the final game is over yet. A negative outcome, the automatic takeover of the Taliban, is not won in advance. Milley said terrorists had yet to capture any of the 34 provincial capitals. of the country, but that they were pressuring half of them.

General Mark Milley said Afghan security forces were strengthening their positions to protect major urban centers, including Kabul. “What they’re trying to do is isolate the main population centers. They are trying to do the same for Kabul. The Taliban now controls around 212 of Afghanistan’s 419 district centers on Wednesday, Milley said, a significant jump from 81 district centers a month earlier. The Hill News website said in a report that the senior US general blamed Afghan forces for strengthening the defenses in the center for the Taliban’s recent gains.

Over 66,000 Afghan soldiers killed
Milley said part of this is that they are leaving district centers to strengthen their forces because they are taking an approach to protect the population. The report says it also predicted that after a reduction in violence for the holidays, the rest of the summer could turn the tide of the war. Afghanistan has seen heavy fighting between the Taliban and security forces since the withdrawal of US-led forces from the war-torn country began on May 1. The US Central Command said last week that more than 95% of evacuations had been carried out. According to the Pentagon, more than 2,400 US troops have been killed and 20,000 injured in Afghanistan over the past two decades. Estimates suggest that over 66,000 Afghan soldiers have been killed and over 2.7 million displaced.

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