US work visa: Trump extended duration of visa restrictions, large numbers of Indians will be shocked – Donald Trump extends visa restrictions that could affect Indian IT professionals

San Diego
US President Donald Trump has extended the ban on green cards and work visas until March 31 due to the outbreak. On the other hand, a federal court backed Trump on the rule that new immigrants should have their own health insurance. These two changes on the last day of 2020 show that Trump has been successful in making U.S. immigration policy more restrictive, despite not gaining support from Congress.

Trump imposed a ban in April
Although newly elected President Joe Biden has promised to overturn many of Trump’s decisions, it’s unclear how soon and to what extent that will be possible. Federal judges limited the impact of epidemiological restrictions on visas. In April, Trump banned green cards that were issued primarily to families of people already living in the United States.

In June, Trump also banned H-1B visas, H-2B visas, J-1 visas and L-1 visas, and said the measures would save jobs for the American people in the economy. hit by the epidemic. AP Mansi Naresh Ramesh

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