USA, UK, Netherlands, exercise: British RAF, USAF and Netherlands participate in Russian Air Force Sleeve Point Blank Patch Exercise: Military Exercises at the End wearing US, British and Dutch air force amidst the stress of Russia

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Wearing the badge of the Russian Air Force during the Point Blank maneuver, the American pilot played the role of an enemy fighter aircraft in the exercise. This pilot was viral on social media, people are doing a lot of church
The United States, Britain and the Netherlands are engaged in point-blank military exercises amid mounting tensions with Russia. About fifty combat aircraft from the three countries are taking part in this four-day exercise. There was an uproar over an image taken during this maneuver, claiming that the pilot of the US F-15 fighter jet is wearing a Russian Air Force sleeve patch.

There is a lot of discussion about the image
This photo was uploaded to the Royal Air Force Lakenheath Facebook account. In which the pilot of the F-15E aircraft is seen wearing a Russian badge (patch on the sleeve). After which, this image remains a topic of discussion in social media as well.

The pilot played the role of the enemy in the maneuvers
Russian media Sputnik cited some reports that the pilot may have played an enemy role during the maneuver. Because, wearing a patch or a helmet cover of enemy countries during maneuvers is a common practice for pilots. With this, they identify the enemy and strengthen their strategy against them. In certain circumstances, the enemy logo is placed on hunters.

This logo belongs to the 611th Fighter Regiment of Russia
Meanwhile, a website called The Aviationist claimed it was the Red Air Patch of the US Air Force’s 492nd Fighter Squadron. Which is worn by pilots playing the role of the enemy during maneuvers. The shield-shaped patch features the shape of the Russian SU-27 fighter jet on a blue background. Russia is written there in Russian. It looks exactly like the logo of the 611th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Aerospace Force.

War situation on the Ukrainian border
After Russia deployed large-scale tanks and warships to Ukraine’s eastern border, there is now a danger of war in Europe. Meanwhile, the United States is also preparing for the Russian challenge. The United States is said to be planning to deploy its warship to the Black Sea in the coming weeks to show full support for Ukraine.

The US Navy constantly monitors the Black Sea
According to a 1936 treaty, Turkey controls the sea route to enter the Black Sea. It is not yet known whether the US Navy has notified Turkey. U.S. defense officials said the Navy constantly monitors international Black Sea territory to monitor Russian naval activity and any military activity in Crimea.

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