use of allah in malaysia: non muslims can use the word allah: non muslims can use the word allah

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Non-Muslims can also use the word “Allah,” Malaysia’s High Court lifted the ban for 35 years, and the ban on using words was outlawed by unconstitutional Christian leaders.
A Malaysian court ruled on Wednesday that even non-Muslims can use the word “Allah” to address God. This is an important decision on the controversial issue of religious freedom in a predominantly Muslim country. Community lawyer challenging the government’s ban in this regard, A Javier, said the High Court revoked the 35-year ban on the use of “ Allah ” and three other Arabic-language words by Christian publications and that this ban was considered unconstitutional.

The government had previously said that only Muslims would use the word “Allah” to avoid confusion that could convert them to other religions. This is a unique case in Malaysia and it is not the case in other predominantly Muslim countries where a significant number of Christian minorities live.

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Christian leaders in Malaysia say ban on using the word ‘Allah’ is unwarranted as the male-speaking Christian population has long used the word ‘Allah’ to address God in the Bible , prayers and songs in Arabic. Earlier in 2014, the federal court upheld the ban on using the word “Allah”. In view of this decision, the decision of the High Court seems contradictory.

Xavier said: “The court said all Malaysian people can use the word ‘Allah’.” Muslims make up almost two-thirds of Malaysia’s 32 million population, which includes Chinese and Indian ethnic minorities. Christians make up about 10 percent of the country’s population.

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